Dual Citizen


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Produced & Mixed by John Philip Shenale
(Tori Amos, Jane's Addiction, Billy Idol, Tracy Chapman, The Beach Boys, Janet Jackson, Diana Ross, Dionne Warwick, Rick Springfield, Buddy Guy, Five For Fighting, Jann Arden)


released December 20, 2014

Engineered by John Philip Shenale & Paul Milner (I Mother Earth, The Headstones, Matt Andersen, Paper Lions)

Mastered by Ron McMaster at Capitol Records Hollywood (Tom Waits, Elvis Costello, Robert Plant & Allison Kraus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Shelby Lynne, Miles Davis, R.E.M)

Vocals, Piano, Keyboards, Bass, Programming: Eldon Thiele
Guitars: Robin Anne Ettles & Mike Bourgeois
Drums: Dan Bourgeois

Lute: Michel Cardin (recorded and engineered by Léandre Bourgeois)

Vocal Coach: Marta Woodhull (Anthony Kiedis, Alexa Ray Joel, Anna Nalick, Brian McKnight, Katharine McPhee)

Graphic Design & Layout by Mark Young (Dominique Dupuis, Les Paiens, Roland Gauvin, 1755, Music NB, ECMA)



all rights reserved


ZWERG Miramichi, New Brunswick

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Track Name: Drive Away Your Pain
The car in front of me
swerves wildly
..On my way to welcome Zayy

In the howling windstorm
I lay on the horn
..On my way to welcome Zayy

We've not yet met but you're safe and sound
In my heart forever, I'm Scotia-bound
I'll be there for you at the end of the day
No matter what this road may throw our way

I wanna drive away your pain
I wanna fight for nothing less
And with the passing of each day
I'll help you find your happiness

A skid to a halt
A deer somersaults
..On my way to welcome Zayy

"Are you alright, man?"
I jump outta the van
..On my way to welcome Zayy

I wanna chase away your pain
We're gonna make a better day
Track Name: Then There Was You
when the rain came on so strong
it felt like life had gone on too long
i soon felt safe in the darkest night
because of you and your shining light

then there was you
my dream came true
see me standing tall
now i have you
and we're getting through
you're getting me through it all

i was sent an angel from above
to replace the pain with the truest love
i sit and wonder could this be true
all i have is because of you

i could be in britain, china or peru
it don't matter, hearts together, stuck like glue
i just don't see when all my dreams come true
and now i can't imagine my life without you
Track Name: I'm A Joke To You
if i were on the cover of rolling stone
would you be my friend again?
if i won an academy award
would you finally let me in?

all your dreams are made of these
but your narrow mind won't let you see
that i could take you where you wanna be

'cause i'm a joke to you
no matter what i do
it's never right for you
i'm a joke to you

and don't you like to ruminate
about who's mistreated you
and yet you seem to perpetrate
a kind of mistreatment too

'cause when i come in last
you leave to kiss someone else's ass
and we all can see
you just turned the other cheek to me

'cause i'm a joke to you
no matter what i do
it's never right for you
i'm a joke to you

you'll deride this too
in a scathing review
i'm not worthy of you
'cause i'm a joke to you

still, i'm gonna break these chains of me, me, me
passed down to us all throughout eternity
it's boring, it's old, it's gonna take its toll on you
and me
Track Name: For The Woman We Love
he asked "what did I do
to earn a lady like you?
what could I have done
to make such a dream come true?"

she fills up his life
with such warmth and light
there was never a doubt
in his mind that it was right

so this is for the woman he loves
who never ceased to give him but her all
just when he'd fall apart
feel nothing but despair
with open arms and heart
she'd be there

the ear to turn to
the sanity to retain
her soul is a wound
that feels our every pain

inspiring all
with her selfless giving
just to hear her laugh
makes our lives worth the living

so this is for the woman we love
who never ceased to give us but her all
just when we'd fall apart
feel nothing but despair
with open arms and heart
she'd be there

the lovely lady
with golden hair
bathed her babes
with water and prayer
Track Name: Saalem Song
those were the days
saunas all summer long
and from the mouths of babes
sprang our sisu song

just the crack of dawn
but dusk for one
and now she's gone
but her life has just begun

this is my saalem song
'cause nothing stays the same
i'll sing my saalem song
when everything fades away

nothing in the bank
we sang aloud the same
i've all of you to thank
the rest of my days

and i wouldn't change the past
when it was me and you
it just wasn't meant to last
always him you were attracted to

young eyes full of wonder
no fear of turning tides
but still they pulled us under
estranged by my strange appetites

me muutamme
mutta mun
rakkaus ei
Track Name: High In Heaven
welcome to the circus of your life
where some think they know what's best for you
well, i think the club kids got it right
life's rough but it should be fun too

god does not conform to human norm
we put parameters on her
so lead me by the balls to the dance floor
no one's getting hurt

i'll get high in heaven, maybe
i'll be too dang drunk to stand
but i won't have a body, baby
there's so much we don't understand

only you know what will bring you joy
so get up, do what you gotta do
if you're a tortured girl who likes other girls
well, believe you me, there is a place for you too

millions in pain, what can we do?
from microcosmic views, what is our bit?
and all the greats we lost to drug abuse
well, you better be smart if you do that shit
Track Name: Cat Fight
stick a pin in
dare to call it sin
yet in the mirror on the wall
i see a bloody waterfall

i was warned about
the drama you can spew
gave you the benefit of the doubt
until i was worked over too

i'm in the middle of a cat fight
and i don't care who's wrong or right
was i a threat to you?
was i a hypocrite too?

i went in debt
when i overslept
but was it just the final straw?
for the better after all?

but thanks for the song
i'll sing it loud and strong
for everyone like Tim
i shoulda written this for him

easy to spot another's faults
harder to clear out our own vaults
but don't wish you ill-will
we all just gotta pay the bill
Track Name: Home Is Where...
i never thought he'd need to return the favour
i never thought he'd need to help me through
i never thought i'd need some kind of saviour
to help me find happiness anew
and now i know..

people seem to feel that it's their duty
to tell me how I need to live my life
i wonder when they read the scriptures to me
how can that old testament be right?
'cause now i know..

home is where...
you don't need to change me
home is where...
you respect my beliefs
home is where...
you told me you would always help me
to be the best imperfection i can be

america is so hung up on preaching
edifying personal behaviour
it loses sight of what the man was teaching
forget about yourself and help your neighbour
and now i know..

i'm beat from years of being advised
and from me advising others too
but somehow i finally realized
i no longer need to change you
so let this be the final dictum
i am no longer a victim
fleshly concepts to eschew
i'm a spiritual being just like you

just like you..
Track Name: Happy Being Crazy
I throw the jeep in 4-Low
Go dashin' through the fallen snow
Tucked safe behind the moose fence
I'm livin' in the present tense

Got a maple sugar daddy
And I'm happy being crazy

I was hangin' by a thread
You said "that's more rope than I need
To pull you from the desperate depths
And back into this life with me"

Got a maple sugar daddy
And I'm happy being crazy
The snickering don't phase me
'Cause I'm happy being crazy

I never had to work so hard
And they ask me why do I bother
Then she said "get a job
'Cause you'll meet a girl and have nothin' to offer"

Don't wanna have the upper hand
Don't wanna make you understand
Don't wanna be a wannabe
I just wanna be the real me

When I was at my lowest ebb
I prayed for intervention
Then you came through yet again
A heaven-sent, angelic friend

When love is the hope of all mankind
I feel fortunate that love is mine
And like Lou Reed it's my fancy
To make it with Tim and Nancy
Track Name: Differences Aside
the common denominator
broke down every wall
there's nothing any greater
than the love within us all

we only enjoy the ride
when we put our differences aside
besides who knew that there could be
so many similarities

our 8 Duke arms
tree branches now expand
keep your girls safe from harm
hands of the fatherland

he don't show much these days
but that don't mean he don't care
been holed up in his cave
preparing something to share

we may need hearing aids
and we may not have much hair
but we got gall in spades
each an impressive pair
Track Name: Ecclesiastic Ayre
it's a nice quiet night in May
i wish you could and would
always stay
however, i will have to remain
patient for now

i'm not particularly fond
of any monotony
and i can tell that it's in the air

change is always here and there
change is good, so I had to write
this ecclesiastic ayre

i'll keep my chin up in the air
but won't be so aware
things will happen as they happen
here and everywhere

now the sand is scratching in
my eye
i hope that now i can get some
shut eye
it's hard, though
to know
that i'm alone